Thursday, May 28, 2009

Extreme Scrapbook Room Makeover

I have long wanted a lovely, organized scrapbook room. This year, for my birthday, my very wonderful children gave me a check to pay for supplies for the scrapbook room. My beautiful daughters, Laurel and Alicia, promised me that they would paint the walls of my dream scrapbook room. The three of us, along with cute granddaughter Claire, went to IKEA and found a lot of really cool things with which to do a fabulous organizational makeover of my very unorganized scrapbook room. We started painting on Friday, May 22, and finished the next day. We then started installling all the IKEA stuff. Wendell helped immensely by putting up the shelves. I then installed some lighting under the shelves and some towel bars to use for hanging tools. After adding a few decorating touches my Scrapbook Room is now ready for use! I absolutely LOVE IT!